English- Speaking Counsellors and Therapists in Spain

English- speaking counsellors and therapist are available in all regions of Spain.  Our members are counsellors and therapists who come from many different countries and may not necessarily be British, but American, Australian, African or even Scandinavian.

The background, nationalities, experience, education, and gender of the therapist can be found on our web site directory along with contact details.

For expats coming to Spain, the cultural differences quickly become apparent. Family issues or relationship issues that were dormant in your home country may be pushed to the forefront by the stress of living overseas. New issues may also appear that are the result of living as a foreigner in Spain; your children may have adjustment issues, your marriage may be feeling the strain, or just being away from home may bring on extended feelings of sadness and isolation.

Expatriates report a myriad of symptoms. You are not alone. Behind closed doors, others are struggling with the same issues of isolation, lack of family support, increased alcohol use, anger issues, infidelity, culture shock, depression, and anxiety.

Accompanying spouses (trailing partners) often struggle, especially if they have left rewarding or challenging jobs in their home country. The romantic notion of having free time can quickly wear thin. Many partners have defined themselves through their own careers and face a loss of identity when they arrive in Spain without employment.

English speaking therapist in spain

What is Counselling?

Counselling is an interaction between a professionally trained individual and a client, intended to help the latter solve difficulties in psychosocial adjustment; counsellors may also advise, and instruct, in order to direct another’s judgment or conduct, although many just accompany the client in finding things out for themselves.

Whether you seek a marriage and family counsellor, a social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, or a psychotherapist, you should expect a confidential listener that can give you some new tools while building on your strengths. These tools are what you need to help you experience success and to help you manage your environment and your personal life.

An ESHA Spain counsellor can help you find your way. They may refer you to resources that will help you manage your life here in Spain and work with you to discover what you need for personal growth and happiness.


What are the benefits of counselling?

  • More satisfaction in life
  • A safe place to ‚Äúvent‚ÄĚ
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved physical health
  • Improved scholastic performance for children
  • Greater control over emotions
  • Improved relationships with others
  • Identification of abilities, qualities, hopes, and expectations and how to act on these
  • Understanding of unhelpful patterns and cycles that negatively affect your life
  • New ways to deal with your concerns

See the ESHA Spain directory for a comprehensive list of English-Speaking Counsellors and Therapists in Spain



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