English- Spanish dictionary of healthcare professionals

General practitioner- Medico Cabecera
A general practitioner is a doctor who is also qualified in general medical practice. GPs are often the first point of contact for someone, of any age, who feels sick or has a health concern. Click here for GPs in your area

Dentist- Dentista
A dentist diagnoses and treats diseases of the teeth and the mouth. They clean your teeth, remove teeth, remove tooth decay, fill your teeth, treat gum disease and provide education on how to care for your teeth and mouth. Dentists treat people of all ages. Specialist dentists can help you with more specific problems using surgical or cosmetic procedures. Click here for Dentists in your area

Therapist/ Counsellor- Terapeuta o Psicoterapeuta
A counsellor and a therapist will utilise psychotherapy to help clients going through mental health difficulties. In some cases, professionals may choose to call themselves a psychotherapist. Others may refer to themselves as a counsellor or simply a therapist. Click here for Therapist or Counsellors in your area

Cardiologist- Cardiólogo
A cardiologist is a medical specialist who can diagnose and treat diseases and conditions of the heart and blood vessels. Click here for Cardiologists in your area

Reflexologist- reflexologia
A reflexologist massages or applies gentle pressure to particular parts of your feet to help with a health problem located somewhere elsewhere on your body. Click here for reflexologist in your area

Oncologist- Oncólogo
An oncologist is a doctor who specialises in treating people with cancer. Medical, surgical and radiation oncologists focus on a particular area of cancer. Often, these different types of oncologists work together to diagnose, treat and monitor a person with cancer. Click here for Oncologists in your area

Osteopath- Osteópata
Osteopaths focus on how your skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves and circulation work together to maintain health and wellbeing. Click here for Osteopaths in your area