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  • Pfizer cuts vaccine supply chain to Spain

    Pfizer cuts vaccine supply chain to Spain

    The Pfizer Laboratory initially announced a cut in supply of 44% on Friday to Spain According to the Spanish medical journal, Redaccion Médica, the Ministry of Health originally announced that autonomous communities would receive 44% less vaccines on Monday 18th January. The cutback has finally shot up to 50% in some communities and affects allRead more

  • HM Hospitales offer walk-in COVID testing

    HM Hospitales offer walk-in COVID testing

    Testing for Covid-19 If you need to know your immune status against COVID-19, in HM hospitals we want to make it very easy for you:   No It is not necessary to make an appointment. Results ready in 24 h at the hospital or 48 hours on the website. If you have doubts about whichRead more

  • Teacher Burnout

    Teacher Burnout

    Many of my friends are teachers and they often tell me how they feel less and less motivated by the teaching sector and would suggest the seriousness of a situation where teachers are struggling to find personal meaning in what they are doing. This is especially relevant in an education sector that relies heavily onRead more

  • Advances in Paediatric Traumatology

    Advances in Paediatric Traumatology

    Dr Soldado from HM Hospitales Paediatric Traumatology Ward in Madrid explains the novel state of the art process behind a Toe Phalanx Vascularized Transplant.   You can contact International patient at HM Hospitales in Madrid here https://www.hmhospitales.com/servicios-al-paciente/international-patientRead more