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    The English-Speaking Healthcare Association Spain is a not for profit association, whose mission is to promote excellence and assure the quality of Healthcare attention to the English-Speaking community in Spain. Whilst also promoting the Healthcare industry amongst the English-speaking community.
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  • Vegans and vegetarians more prone to risk of stroke

    Vegans and vegetarians more prone to risk of stroke

    A slightly misleading title, but in a recent article published in the British medical Journal suggests that vegans and vegetarians may be at higher risk of stroke compared to their meat-eating counterparts. A long-term study followed the eating habits of 48,188 participants, who had no history of heart disease, stroke or angina, during 18 years.Read more

  • Toxic Relationships

    Toxic Relationships

    This excellent article written by Steve Garrett first appeared in the Good Men Project in 2018. Steve outlines his personal experience in a toxic relationship and the difficulties he had in dropping it. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to walk away from a toxic or damaging relationship. I was involved for far too long withRead more

  • Sexuality


    There are many confusing ideas about what sexuality is, but sexuality is not about how many partners you have sex with, or how often you have sex, or necessarily how you perform. Sexuality is more about your sexual feelings, thoughts and your attractions towards other people. Attraction can be physical, sexual or emotional and theyRead more

  • Member of an ambulance crew reported for shouting “Viva España!” at a patient

    Member of an ambulance crew reported for shouting “Viva España!” at a patient

    The linguistic platform “per la Llengua” claim that the patient was not attended to because he spoke in Valencian The Platform per la Llengua has denounced an ambulance crew member that shouted at a patient “long live Spain, long live the King, long live law and order!”, when he spoke in Valencian, according to theRead more