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    The English-Speaking Healthcare Association Spain is a not for profit association, whose mission is to promote excellence and assure the quality of Healthcare attention to the English-Speaking community in Spain. Whilst also promoting the Healthcare industry amongst the English-speaking community.
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  • Resilience: What is it and how to be more resilient?

    Resilience: What is it and how to be more resilient?

    Have you ever wondered how we deal with the most difficult situations in our lives? How we respond to traumatic events such as the death of a loved one, unemployment, serious illness, or other catastrophic events? If you have ever lived or witnessed a situation of this type, you will have seen that not everyoneRead more

  • 8 habits to improve the mental health of the over 60`s

    8 habits to improve the mental health of the over 60`s

    Having a purpose in life, doing physical activity and learning something every day are habits that people over 60 should adopt to improve their mental health. Reading, writing, talking, walking and completing crossword puzzles are all activities that help people over 60 stay more active. Many believe that being healthy is all about jogging daily,Read more

  • Process- Orientated Online Group Therapy

    Process- Orientated Online Group Therapy

    My name is Chris Neill and I am a British Psychologist and Psychotherapist based in Madrid, Spain. I am presently recruiting for a process-based online therapy group that will start around the beginning of October. The group will meet online for 90 minutes once a week online and consist of 8-12 members and will beRead more

  • How to Survive the Post-holiday Blues

    How to Survive the Post-holiday Blues

    For most people living and working in Spain September means one thing, returning to work or studies after having enjoyed the long-awaited summer break. This unwelcomed return to routine can cause some feelings of anxiety, sadness, irritability or insomnia that have been called post-vacation syndrome or depression. The syndrome is controversial and depression may beRead more