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    The English-Speaking Healthcare Association Spain is a not for profit association, whose mission is to promote excellence and assure the quality of Healthcare attention to the English-Speaking community in Spain. Whilst also promoting the Healthcare industry amongst the English-speaking community.
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  • Work as a Dentist in Spain

    Work as a Dentist in Spain

    What are the requirements for the recognition of a Dentistry degree in Spain? General Dentistry and other specialties In an increasingly globalized world, thousands of professionals in the dental sector leave their countries of origin in search of job opportunities. To prepare fully for working abroad you need to meet the challenges posed by validatingRead more

  • HM Fertility Centre Reopens

    HM Fertility Centre Reopens

    HM Fertility centre reopens with an emphasis on post-COVID-19 safety by performing polymerase chain reaction tests (PCR) at the begining of fertility studies and before each procedure. – On May 11th, the HM Fertility Center will return to full activity nationwide. – Specialists at the HM Fertility Center will perform free, periodic PCR checks on allRead more

  • Paediatric advice on COVID-19

    Paediatric advice on COVID-19

    Paediatrician Dr. Maria Iasabel Romero from HM Hospitales offers some paediatric advice on children and COVID-19 HM Hospitales are now offering an online paediatric consultancy service. For more information or to make your appointment see here. https://www.hmhospitales.com/servicios-al-paciente/international-patientRead more

  • Emotional Regulation in times of Lockdown

    Emotional Regulation in times of Lockdown

    What is an emotion? One of the hardest questions for emotion theorists to answer has been, what exactly is an emotion? What attributes are shared by all emotions and what characteristic is necessary for a bodily response to be considered an emotion? Fortunately, there does seem to be some consensus that emotion is a coordinatedRead more