Dentists in Spain

Why Choose a Dentist in Spain?

Dentists in Spain are becoming more highly valued and this adds to the many reasons why Spain is becoming one of the major dental tourist destinations and is enjoying huge popularity of late.

Spain offers high quality dental care due to the stringent training that Dentists undergo in Spain, the price is often half what you would expect to pay in the UK or the US. Many Dentists speak excellent English, making communication so much easier. On top of everything, good weather is guaranteed.

dentist in Spain

Dentist in Spain.

Training to be a Dentist in Spain

To become a Dentist in Spain and get registered on the Spanish Dental Registry, it takes about five years studying at a Spanish University or a recognised European equivalent. Due to their high level of training and competence, Spanish Dentists can register in the UK General Dental Council, although this is unnecessary if the they are working in Spain.

Although you may be able to sae yourself up to 1,000 euros per implant compared to prices in the US or the UK, you should also take into account that you may need to go back to the dentist on several occasions and this should be worked into the total price.

Of course, prices will vary from clinic to clinic and it may be best to stick to large dental clinics in densely populated areas as they are also likely to speak English to a higher level.

Best places to find an English-speaking Dentist in Spain


Madrid is the capital of Spain with over 5 million citizens. It is easily accessible with a large international airport and many English-speaking dentists working out of large clinics. Madrid is also renown for its amazing architecture and museums.


Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Spain and as such enjoys a high level of multiculturality, including many international dental clinics that can attend to you in English.


Is a large city, but also an autonomous community that incorporates the town of Alicante on the South East coast. This is a very popular destination for English-speaking expats and has many English-Speaking Dentists in Alicante and Torrevieja, where you can find some of the top international dental clinics in Spain.


In the South of Spain includes Malaga which again has a huge English-speaking community. Here you will find many English-speaking Dentists either working in large clinics, or family run local practices.

Find an English-speaking Dentist in Spain

Whatever your dental needs. You can find a comprehensive list of English-Speaking Dentist in Spain in the ESHA business directory where you can filter by location depending on your needs.


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