World AIDS Day 2023

1st December is World AIDS Day and this year the UN project on AIDS, UNAIDS focusses on empowering communities in tackling the AIDS problem

UN General Secretary António Guterres has released his statement on the 2023 World AIDS Day where he promotes the key work of communities in tackling AIDS. From budgeting to programme implementation and monitoring impact, grassroots action is needed to finish the work that has been started.

Although AIDS deaths have fallen by 70% since their peak in 2004 and HIV infections are at their lowest since the 1980s, there is still a lot to be done with over 9 million people worldwide living with HIV and who do not have access to antiretroviral medication. You can find a UN factsheet on world AIDS and HIV here.

The goal of the UN is to eliminate AIDS as a public health threat by 2030

If you are worried about HIV or other blood-born infections or STD you can find a list of English-speaking healthcare professionals in the ESHA Spain business directory

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