This Summer Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle!

HM Hospitals take the healthcare of their International Patients very seriously. Here they offer some tips on how to keep healthy in the summer and recommend a full medical checkup before embarking on the much needed holidays.

In short, for many of us, the long-awaited summer vacations have arrived! We should take the opportunity to review our healthy lifestyle and our weight in this hot season and long days, in addition to avoiding dehydration or burns on our skin, among other aspects. First, we can list some points to avoid dehydration during the summer season, especially in children, the elderly and pregnant women:

  • Drink about 2 liters of fluid to compensate for losses through sweat and urine and avoid going long periods of time without fluid intake.
  • Drink before you are thirsty: do not rely on the sensation of thirst to drink and have a bottle of water or other drink available at hand.
  • Increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and salads.
  • Make sure children and the elderly drink fluids regularly.

Next, we will talk about other aspects to also maintain a healthy lifestyle while we are in summer:

  • Moisturize your skin with suitable products such as creams, moisturizing lotions, and essential oils rich in Vitamins A, B and E.
  • Protect your skin from the sun: It is very important that we protect our skin before, but also during and after sun exposure with a good sunscreen.
  • Maintain an appropriate wash for your skin. Cleaning our skin is essential, but we must know how to do it. It is important that you use mild soaps without perfume or that you avoid applying excessive friction.
  • Sleep well. Rest is important to maintain good health. During the summer, try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule to ensure you get enough rest. Trying to go to bed and get up at the same time each day is a good way to establish a healthy sleep pattern. You can also try to avoid caffeine, caffeinated soft drinks, and stimulant drinks in the afternoon and evening.
  • Eliminate tobacco and alcohol from your routine. Both substances are very harmful to your body in general but also to your skin.
  • Listening to 30 minutes of music a day produces many more benefits than you probably ever imagined, both physically and emotionally: it reduces anxiety and stress, contributes to less physical pain, and improves memory.

Finally, it is recommended that you have a medical check-up before going on your vacation, because as the Spanish popular saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. At this point, you can go to any medical center of the HM hospitals group that, within its Personalized Early Prevention Unit, offers the possibility of carrying out a complete, exhaustive check-up, adjusted to the age and sex of each patient.

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