Temperatures set to rise to above 40ºC

Drink lots of water or avoid dark colors, tips to survive the ‘heat wave’ that is devastating Spain

An episode of high temperatures will raise thermometers to 42 degrees for the next few days


– Keep spaces well ventilated.

– Eat light and regular meals, rich in water and mineral salts, such as fruits and vegetables.

– Frequently drink water or liquids.

– Limit sun exposure.

– Dress in light-colored clothing that covers as much skin as possible, wear a hat.

– Avoid doing prolonged physical exercise during the hottest part of the day.

– Take an interest in the elderly and sick or who live alone or isolated.

– Never leave children, elderly people or animals inside a vehicle.

High temperatures increase the risk of forest fires

– Pay special attention to the regulations of the Autonomous Community on fire prevention and authorized periods for burning stubble.

– Avoid throwing cigarettes, garbage and, especially, glass bottles that make a magnifying glass effect with the sun.

– Do not light fires or bonfires in the mountains and nearby land.

– Camping only in authorized areas, since these have protection measures against a possible fire and evacuation is easier.

– If you discover a fire, notify 112 immediately.

– In case of being surprised by a fire, avoid entering areas with a lot of vegetation. Stick to roads and open paths.

– In case of a forest fire, always follow the indications of the competent authorities. In the event that you discover a fire, notify 112 immediately, avoid entering the mountain or forest and, above all, always heed the indications of the forestry authorities.

For more information, you can visit the web portals of Civil Protection, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) and the Ministry of Health.

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