Spain breathes a sigh of relief

As Spain enters its sixth week of lockdown the government will detail their plans for how the lockdown will be eased. The latest data suggests that the daily death rate has reduced to 288, the lowest figure since the begining of the pandemic. This is still an alarming amount of deaths, but when compared to the chilling figures earlier in the month of 950 deaths per day, the figures give some cause for optimism.

The most encouraging sound yesterday was the sound of children’s voices in the streets of Madrid, not heard since mid March. According to the government, if the figures continue to drop then next weekend everyone will be allowed out for an hour to do some exercise with people they habitually live with.

Under the supervision of the central government, localised plans are being set out by autonomous communities,  We are in a key stage of the alarm now and more than ever we need to follow the instruction being laid down by the central government or local authorities.

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