Psychiatry in Spain

A Psychiatrist deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health conditions

Unlike a Counsellor, Therapist or Psychologist, a Psychiatrist is a medical Doctor who has specialised in Psychiatry. This allows them to prescribe medication when necessary, but also recommend other types of treatment.

A Psychiatrist can treat a wide range of conditions including phobias, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Many Psychiatrists are also trained as Therapists and Counsellors and can help people work through trauma or other psychological issues.

Speaking to a Psychiatrist is not easy on the public health system in Spain. You must first go to your local GP who will eventually refer you to a Psychiatrist, where you will have a short session and be prescribed medication. Most public health Psychiatrists in Spain do have time to offer sessions of psychotherapy and will usually refer you to a psychologist. Unfortunately, Mental Health is underfunded in Spain and you will be lucky to see your Psychiatrist once a month. There is no guarantee that your Psychiatrist will speak English.

If you are looking for and English-speaking Psychiatrist in Spain, you can find one in your area in the ESHA Spain directory, where many of the English-speaking Psychiatrists are also well trained in Psychotherapy and can offer an integral Psychiatric service to the English-speaking community.

You can find a list of English-speaking Psychiatrists here

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