Pfizer cuts vaccine supply chain to Spain

The Pfizer Laboratory initially announced a cut in supply of 44% on Friday to Spain

According to the Spanish medical journal, Redaccion Médica, the Ministry of Health originally announced that autonomous communities would receive 44% less vaccines on Monday 18th January.

The cutback has finally shot up to 50% in some communities and affects all countries within the EU. Reduction in the supply has forced changes in the autonomous communities vaccination campaigns.

According to Redaccion Médica, the new distribution of coronavirus vaccines are as follows:



Has received 125 doses, 49% less than expected


Received a total of 6 trays and half of what was expected.

They have distributed 2,528 doses of the Pfizer vaccine


3,900 of the 5,850 assigned doses


Received 360 of the 13,650 vaccines that they should receive each week.


585 doses compared to 1,170 from last week

Castilla y León:

Distributed a total of 16,575 doses

Castilla-La Mancha:

Has received half of the expected doses.

8,775 compared to the expected 17,550 doses


Received 30,000 compared to the 60,000 it should have received.

Comunidad Valenciana:

17,000 this Monday compared to 31,000 last Monday.


Received 6,800 of the expected 10,725 doses.


Received 57% of the expected doses, 11,000 compared to 18,500 last week.


Received 50% less doses compared to last week.

Región de Murcia:

Received 6,825 doses compared to the 12,675 that it normally receives.


2,925 which is half the doses that it should have received

País Vasco:

Last Monday received 15,600, compared to 8,775 it received this Monday.

There are no figures for Asturias or La Rioja.

Equal Distribution

In a press release from the Ministry of Health, Salvador Illa indicated “In the face of these circumstances, the Ministry will ensure that the distribution¬† is carried out on equal terms based on the vaccination rates from previous weeks, to ensure that all communities have sufficient doses to at least administer the second doses to those vaccinated during the first week of the vaccination campaign.

In the same press release he stated. “The Spanish Government, along with other EU¬† Governments and the European Commission have expressed their deep regret at the company’s decision, demanding that all promised doses be sent by next week and that this disruption in the supply chain never happen again”.

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