Personalized Early Prevention Unit

Prevention is health. It’s time to take care of yourself!

At Hm Hospitales, specifically at our Hm Sanchinarro Hospital, we are aware of the need to carry out periodic health check-ups for the prevention and monitoring of possible diseases and we are equally aware of the difficulty that people may have in getting all the necessary tests done at the same time.

Prevention is the best way to ensure good and lasting health. There are numerous diseases where early detection increases the chances of a cure.

Dr. Niko Mihic, Director of the Hm Hospitales Personalized Early Prevention Unit offers some insightful tips and suggestions regarding health prevention.

From what age is it advisable to have a check-up? There is no specific age but checks and revisions should start from around 40 onwards, although if you have family history of specific deseases, you start revisions earlier . You should also have periodical reveiws every two years.

Is lifestyle a factor to take into account? Obviously lifestyle and how much stress we are under conditions how much we dedicate to preventative healthcare and so affects our overall health. It is essential that we dedicate enough time to sport, nutrition, leisure time and generally taking care of ourselves.

HM Hospitales offers a complete, exhaustive medical examination, adjusted to the age and sex of each patient, and carried out in the shortest possible time. The Unit has the most advanced medical technology and a group of specialists who are experts in the interpretation of the results obtained and are highly recognized among the medical community.

Frequently asked questions about the Prevention Unit

Do I have to stay in hospital?

Yes, you will be checked-in at the admission office on a previously specified day.

Can I park my car in the hospital car park?

Yes, the staff of the early prevention unit will assure that you are allowed to enter and exit the car park free of charge.

Do I have to fast?

The tests include an analytical extraction and ultrasound scans so a minimum fast of 8 hours is necessary. If any test requires special preparation, the necessary information will be attached when the appointment is made.

Do I need any kind of special clothing?

Loose-fitting clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended. If you wish, the hospital can provide you with the appropriate clothing for your stay.

Is any type of medication or radiological contrast administered during the tests?

Some of the tests require contrast administration. Our staff will inform you in detail of the necessary requirements and will provide you with an informed consent prior to carrying out the test.

If the doctor thinks more tests are necessary, will they be done right away?

If the specialist considers it necessary, futher tests will be carried out on the same day depending on availability.

Will the test reports be delivered to me when they are finished?

All the tests need time to be examined and evaluated by a specialist. Once collected, we will deliver a final report in less than 7 days. However, the doctor in charge will deliver an interim report the same day, in which they will outline the majority of the results obtained.

How and when can I formalize the payment for the tests?

Payment is made upon admission to the hospital. Payment is accepted in cash, by credit card except American Express, cheques in the name of HM Hospitales or bank transfers made prior to the date of the appointment.

Early Prevention Unit team include:

Unit Manager Dr. Niko Mihic. attending physicians Dr. Sara Pérez Medina. Dr. Mª Rosa Carrillo Rodrigo

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