Expat Health Insurance in Spain

Are you unsatisfied with your health insurance or are you looking for one that meets your needs?
Has your insurance premium been incremented due to an age increase?, has it been cancelled?, are you unhappy with the service?, is your medical directory or are your coverages insufficient?, are you looking for an insurance policy that meets your requirements? Then the health insurance offered by ASSSA may be of your interest.

Unique guarantees

An ASSSA contract guarantees your policy will not be cancelled or your premium increased due to age, so you will have the peace of mind of being covered for life.

Personalised customer service in your language

With ASSSA you can count on a personalised, friendly and professional service. From the first day you will be allocated to a particular person in your local ASSSA branch who will assist and guide you whenever necessary in a friendly and promptly manner.
You will not come across any language barriers, as you will be attended in your language by the multilingual staff at ASSSA. Also, the majority of doctors and medical centres either speak your language or offer translation services.

A custom-made insurance 

ASSSA has different levels of coverage and services in their insurance policies. You can even have the option to choose a more comprehensive level of coverage which offers free choice services with a reimbursement option.
You would have immediate access to GP’s, specialists and emergency assistance in numerous and prestigious private medical centres. Moreover, ASSSA offers the possibility of a second medical opinion and being preventive by carrying out an annual¬†check-up.

Insure your health with ASSSA

ASSSA offers facilities and advantages in transferring from your current company to your new health insurance with ASSSA, like the cancellation of the waiting periods.

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