Vanessa Soodeen Psychotherapist, Coach-nlp (Online or presential)
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THE PROCESS:Ā Ā To provide a co-creative, nurturing ‘Holding Space’ to facilitate your INNER and OUTER AWAKENING through increased Awareness of yourself, your processĀ and how you interact with life.

HOLDING SPACEĀ – a SPACE forĀ Ā …. allowing, accepting, supporting, listening, witnessing, validating, presencing, loving …. holding.

WHY THERAPY?Ā Ā Sometimes events, people or circumstances in life can overwhelm you …Ā orĀ perhaps you may simply want to deepen your personal development experience through empowerment and increased Self Awareness. In these moments you may need to reach out and seek external support to reorient you back to your own resources and balance within.

Therapy is a personal journey of growth and healing.

The Therapist is one who can assist and support you in this healing process of becoming more focused, fluid, spontaneous and authentic..

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