Unidad Médica Angloamericana
english speaking doctor in Madrid
ESHA Gold Member

Hospital and Clinic in Madrid

English-Speaking Hospital, Clinic and Health Center in Madrid

Unidad Médica Angloamericana is multilingual medical clinic in Madrid where all the professional staff are English speaking. Doctors, nurses and administration

Experts in treating international patients

A highly qualified team of English-speaking Doctors and healthcare professionals with extensive experience in providing health care in English to students, tourists, residents and organizations.

Our experience in the bilingual care of the International Community, gives us empathy to the different specific pathologies of the foreign community: Problems of adaptation in the psychological and physical aspects, changes in eating habits and climate, etc.
We have extensive experience with:
-Coordinating with other Foreign Agencies
-Embassies and Consulates
– Foreign and multinational companies
-International organizations
-Foreign students

We cover over 20 Medical Specialties

Including; Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology and Nutrition, Ophthalmology and Oculoplastic Surgery

Preventive medicine

Unidad Médica Angloamericana has a unit specifically for preventive medicine where regular checks can be carried out for an early diagnosis and screening for vulnerability to disease.

Our check-ups include a consultation with an internist during which, the doctor will determine your risk for different diseases.

Medical Check for a US visa

We are an authorised center for medical checks to obtain a US visa. Medical checks for a US visa take place from Monday to Friday from 10am -3pm

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