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I am a Registered Therapist Practitioner General Hypnotherapist & Health Practitioner, in a private practice since 2008 with 12 years’ experience Based in Udine Italy

About me and modalities therapies that I offer:

I am Passionate about healing using different modalities such as; Advanced Trance State Therapy, NLP, Signs & Symptoms of facial sign, Abnormal Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology, Counselling Skills, General Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Iridology & Sclerology, Pain Management, Past Life regression & Regression Therapies.

As a Professional : Strong believer in body, mind, spirit and emotional balance.

I have Studied at the following Institutes:

  • For Ethno-Medicine and Ethno-Psychology Practitioners of Trance Life institute of Epasa South Africa since “2008”
  • IMDHA (International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association) of USA since “2008
  • GHR  (General Hypnotherapy Register) of the UK since “2017

My working hours: Monday to Friday. 09:h00 to 19:h30, Saturdays, 08:h30 to 17:h00.

My length of sessions: The first session usually lasts around an hour and a half to two hours, and subsequent sessions around an hour and a quarter. (Depending upon complexity of the problem)

“A brief Description about Hypnotherapy, Ethno-Medicine and Ethno-Psychology;”

Much modern day mental and emotional distress and even some physical illness can be traced to underlying anxiety, tension and stress arising out of an imbalance between our cognitive or conscious beliefs and desires, and the beliefs and desires we hold below conscious awareness in the sub-conscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of Psychotherapy combining cognitive therapeutic counselling techniques with subconscious healing techniques.

“Ethno-psychology;” is the bridging of Western Psychology and traditional methods of healing. The core treatment method of Ethno-psychology is “Trance State Therapy” commonly known as Hypnotherapy in the western context. Hypnosis is the vehicle on which therapy is applied. The Ethno-psychologist is in essence also an Ethnomedicine Practitioner or Ethnomedicine Health Advisor, and will use other methods of diagnosing and evaluation, which could include Iridology, Sclerology, Facial and Body analysis, Soul Ray Analysis, Trance State Therapy and other diagnostic tools. He/she is also able to assist the patient regarding Nutrition, Life Style and Dietary requirements and deficiencies, and will treat him/her by using Ethnomedicine Herbal supplements which are manufactured and packed, as well as other Vitamins, Minerals etc. to bring his body in total homeostasis: Body, Mind and Soul.

“Ethno-medicine”; is a system that applies both art and science to help the human body to restore its health and well-being. It utilises traditional remedies to activate the immune system. Herbs are used for cleansing, elimination and detoxification. Some are used to stimulate the body’s self-healing capabilities to counteract physical symptoms, whilst other may be used as a tonic to help the body’s immunity.

The human body easily assimilates nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antibiotics and hormonal substances from plants to obtain both food and medicine. Ethnomedicine is a healing modality for chronic problems. With the skilful selection of herbs, a profound transformation in health can be effected without the danger of the unpleasant side-effects inherent in drug-based medicines. Plants have a direct impact on physiological activity and by knowing what body processes one wants to help or heal, the appropriate herb or plant action can be selected.

“Definition of Inner child therapy;”

Inner child therapy is a form of regression therapy used by hypnotherapists and healing counsellors to help their patience resolve old childhood issues that are interfering with the advancement into maturity. Inner child work relates to getting in touch with stages of our developmental growth that were wounded or stunted due to stimuli or intensity. This type of therapy helps the adult identify the reasons why she experiences strong emotional reactions to something or someone Also Known As: “Regression therapy.

“Journey of the Mind;”

“Hypnotherapy is often likened to ‘going on a journey’. This journey of the mind can enable you to move on from where you are to where you choose to be.

My clients are often surprised at how quickly they make the journey. Unlike many other therapies, hypnotherapy is brief and solution focused. Yes, it is important to assess where you are, but as a therapist I don’t believe that is enough. Our therapy focuses on making changes, taking that journey and moving forward with your life in a better way.

My patients usually require between two and four sessions to make significant and permanent changes. However, everyone is an individual so your hypnotherapy and number of sessions will be tailored to suit you. I can discuss with you in advance the number of sessions you are likely to require.

Please Note: “Gaining permanent, positive outcomes from Hypnotherapy and other modalities, can take anywhere from one or two sessions to many weeks of therapy depending upon the complexity of the problem and the nature of the underlying subconscious beliefs that are causing or contributing to the problem/s.”

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