Therapist in Madrid/Galicia
Featured ESHA Individual Member

I have been working as a counselor/therapist in private practice for 13 years now. I am also a year away from obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

I was trained and certified in Spain, where I was raised within a Spanish-American-British family. I have worked for decades as a translator/interpreter until I discovered that psychology -and being of service to people who might be suffering- was my passion. I have two adult daughters, and I commute between Madrid and Galicia, near Ferrol.

I work primarily counseling parents and families, siblings, and couples. I work as an in-home family counselor, in a therapeutic format in which I visit with clients in their homes rather than them coming to my office or sending over their children. I have also taught introductory Gestalt therapy workshops to prospective trainees, as well as body-awareness-through-the-voice workshops. I practice yoga and meditation since my twenties, so I include in my work existential counseling for those who struggle with fear-of-death related anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and low-self esteem. I was once there, so I know well what it is like.

Emotional distress and relational difficulties are very much in my area of expertise, as everything else really boils down to these. I am a gentle and patient therapist, and my sessions are very much about creating a safe space for the client to feel heard, seen, and felt.

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