Sexologist and Couples Counsellor Therapist
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Welcome! I’m Laura Vera a Sexologist, Couples Therapist, and Gestalt Therapist.

Are you seeking understanding, support, and guidance to lead a fulfilling sexual and emotional life? You’ve come to the right place.

As a professional in sexual and emotional health, my focus is to help you explore and understand your desires, concerns, and challenges in a safe, non-judgmental environment. I have a deep passion for guiding individuals towards healthier relationships, both with themselves and their partners.

My services include:

🌟 Couples Therapy: We address relationship dynamics, communication, intimacy, and everyday challenges to strengthen emotional bonds.

🌺 Sex Therapy: We work together to address sexual dysfunctions, enhance sexual satisfaction, and explore new avenues of pleasure.

🧘‍♂️ Gestalt Therapy: I employ humanistic and holistic approaches to help you understand and heal your personal experiences.

💬 Online and In-Person Sessions: I offer the flexibility to choose the mode that suits your comfort and schedule.

🌎 Bilingual: I provide sessions in both English and Spanish to cater to an international audience.

My goal is to equip you with the tools and confidence needed to build healthy relationships, enjoy a fulfilling sexuality, and attain emotional well-being. Here, you’ll find a safe space to explore, grow, and heal.

Let’s embark on this journey together towards a more satisfying and enriching life! Book a session with me and allow me to be your guide on this path of self-discovery and growth.

Contact me today and let’s take the first step toward a happier and healthier life.

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