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I’m Katia Gim√©nez, a General Health Psychologist with over 15 years of clinical experience. I offer ONLINE PSYCHOTHERAPY and IN-PERSON THERAPY sessions at Psicolog√≠a Montjuic, near Pl. Espa√Īa.

As a child psychologist, I assess and diagnose developmental and learning disorders in coordination with schools/institutes, and I address the discomfort in change and adaptation processes (divorce, bullying).

I treat adults, especially those with neurodivergence or who are experiencing behavioral and eating disorders, providing resources and practical tools for REAL IMPROVEMENT. I collaborate with some of the best specialist psychologists in Barcelona and offer a personalized solution to your needs at an AFFORDABLE PRICE.

Here are some additional details:

  • Col. 15408:¬†This is Katia Gim√©nez’s professional license number as a psychologist in Spain.
  • Psicolog√≠a Montjuic:¬†This is the name of the psychology clinic where Katia Gim√©nez works.
  • Pl. Espa√Īa:¬†This is a public square in Barcelona, near where Psicolog√≠a Montjuic is located.
  • Neurodivergent:¬†This term refers to people whose brains function differently from what is considered typical.
  • Behavioral and eating disorders:¬†These include conditions such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD.
  • Affordable price:¬†Katia Gim√©nez offers a sliding scale fee structure to make her services more affordable for everyone.


Soy Katia Gim√©nez, Psic√≥loga General Sanitaria Col. 15408 con +15 a√Īos de experiencia cl√≠nica. Ofrezco sesiones de PSICOTERAPIA ONLINE y TERAPIA PRESENCIAL en Psicolog√≠a Montjuic, cerca de Pl. Espa√Īa. Como psic√≥loga infantil, eval√ļo y diagnostico alteraciones en desarrollo y aprendizaje en coordinaci√≥n con escuelas/institutos, y abordo el malestar en procesos de cambio y adaptaci√≥n (divorcios, bullying). Trato a personas adultas, especialmente neuro divergentes o que atraviesan trastornos de conducta y de alimentaci√≥n, dando recursos y herramientas pr√°cticas para una MEJOR√ćA REAL. Colaboro con algunos de los mejores psic√≥logos especialistas de Barcelona y ofrezco una soluci√≥n personalizada a tus necesidades garantizando un PRECIO ASEQUIBLE.

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Av. Paral·lel 180 Esc. A Entlo. 4, Catalonia 08015