English speaking Psychologist / Neuropsychologist
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My aim is to help people to identify and change that which is not working, and to help them live a more fulfilling life. I speak Spanish, English and French.  Our team of psychologists based in Marbella specialise in analysing and transforming human behaviour and have proven experience in child, adult, elderly, couples and family psychology. Together with you, we will find the best strategy to manage negative emotions that may be interfering in your day to day life and may be creating anxiety, depression, and stress, to mention a few. Moreover, we have a wide range of collaborators that can ensure you receive the most effective and qualified support. Amongst our services we offer psychotherapy, counselling and coaching. We understand you might want to talk in the privacy of your own home so we are happy to come to you or do online sessions.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any support.

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Boulevard Alfonso de Hohenlohe. Edificio Milla de Oro. Marbella, Andalucia 29602