Coronavirus Spain

Spain is the second country with more new cases in the world

Ministry of Health records more than 300 deaths and more than 9,190 infections of Covid-19

Spain is in fourth place in the world in number of coronavirus infections, behind China, Iran and Italy. But, it is the second country in number of daily Covid-19 infections, behind Italy and ahead of France, according to the latest data published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The first registered patient in Spain with coronavirus was detected on 31 January. Since then, the number of infections of Covid-19 has gradually increased, surpassing 9,191 positive cases and has extended throughout all the autonomous communities. In addition, there have been 309 deaths from this virus that originated in Wuhan (China) and 521 patients have been discharged.

This data came to light just after the declaration of a State of Alarm in Spain highlighting the rapid evolution of the coronavirus. As suggested by the coordinator of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, the data of coronavirus infection released this Monday does not help stabilize the curve of contagion of the pandemic.

The State of Alarm for Coronavirus

To learn more about the evolution of the curve of the Covid-19, Simon has confessed that his team “is working with different models of evolution of the virus, to quantify their impact, according to different possible scenarios. The three scenarios on which we are working are: optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic. But we are preparing ourselves for the worst-case scenario, in which a growth of 25 per cent of cases from one day to another is estimated.”

“The epidemic is going to grow in the next few days. Maybe we can acheive a more realistic hypothesis of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the next few hours with the application of these models, but what is clear is that if from this very moment we strictly apply the approved measures, it is very likely that the impact is a quick and drastic reduction in infections. Which will not be observed until the next three or four days“, he concluded.

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