Anger Management

Anger Management

Anger is an emotion and, like all emotions, it helps us adapt to different situations, especially those that require a response to having our goals or objectives frustrated. Experiencing an adaptive anger reaction helps us overcome danger or aggression from our surroundings or environment. But when left unchecked, it ceases to be adaptive and can begin to cause unnecessary harm to ourselves and those around us. What causes the loss of control over aggressiveness is not so much about what happens, but the way we interpret what happens.

Anger management programmes are intended to build on existing skills that favour reapprailsal of the situation and cognitive restructuring in moments of frustration, achieving as a consequence the use of appropriate strategies to control anger.

The main objectives of anger management programmes include:

Improve knowledge about emotions and anger to facilitate understanding of the problem

Understand the nature of aggressiveness as well as the cycle that characterizes its presence in human relationships

Training in relaxation techniques and Mindfulness to control the physiological and emotional activation associated with the experience of anger

Modify dysfunctional thoughts and attitudes associated with anger, to develop an alternative and functional thought pattern that allows more adaptive behaviors to be launched

Assertive communication in order to replace aggressiveness as a way of achieving goals

Develop a prevention plan for positive coping in difficult situations

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