A judge forces the College of Physicians to reopen its section of acupuncture

The College of Physicians in Madrid recently dissolved its’ Acupuncture section arguing it was a practice without scientific evidence

The courts have forced the College of Physicians in Madrid (Icomem) to reopen its section of acupuncture. The College closed this section in 2017,arguing that it was a pseudoscientific practice, but the Association of Physician Acupuncturists filed a contentious-administrative appeal, which has been accepted by a judge. However, the College may appeal this court decision.

In the court’s ruling, according to the magazine Redacción Médica, the judge believes that the decision to close this section of the College is not “supported by the law”, and has ordered the “reincorporation of the Association of Physicians Acupuncturists into the Illustrious College of Physicians in Madrid.

The judge said that the College of Physicians does not have sufficient grounds for dissolution and that prevents the Association “knowing the legal basis” for it’s exclusion, contrary to law.

It also says that the College of Physicians have 15 days to appeal the ruling and must present their appeal in writing outlining their motives to the Tribunal of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid.

The facts date back to 2017

The former president of the Medical Section of Acupuncturists of the College of Physicians in Madrid (Icomem),León Siboni, explained that he filed an appeal after knowing that the collegial section had been eliminated following a decision of the Scientific Committee of the Icomem.

The administration of the section learned of this decision through a letter explaining that they should ” Accept the proposal of the Scientific Council of the Icomem to dissolve the Acupuncture section of the College, commissions of accreditation and other skills not related to specialties recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport”.

In 2017 Icomem decided to dissolve all the sections and commissions that do not have official status because they are not recognized by the current legislation, including homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine.

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