A Doctor in Spain Resigns Due to Overwork

A Doctor in Spain resigns claiming: “I am unable to work 31 hours non-stop”

A doctor in La Rioja has left his job considering that he is “incapable” of working 31 hours in optimal conditions. Javier Yuste, until now worked in the health centre of Arnedo, but has decided to take this decision due to the enormous burden of working in the Accident and Emergency Ward. Dr. Yuste has already submitted his resignation and has left a farewell note for his patients hung on the door of his office.

This is a situation which has arisen, according to local newspapers, because the health centre has eleven physicians, but only five of them work night duty due to age or ill health. This means that some Doctors are working shifts of 31 hours, between consultations and guards.

“As you know, the night shift at the Arnedo health has been covered by a different medical team from the mornings; for various reasons (that you can ask) from now on it is going to be your primary care physicians who will be taking on this role, by joining one working day day to the next,” says Yuste in the letter that has hung on his office door.

“You already are aware of the pressure we are under in the mornings, similar to the one that in the afternoons in the emergency room from 10:00 to 21:00 hours. I have presented my resignation as I am incapable of functioning at an optimal level for 31 hours. Remember that I have advised many of you not to over work and that one can be a good employee, but without over doing things”. The Doctor says.

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