10 Tips for Returning to Work Successfully After the Holidays

First day back. Cup of coffee in hand, turn on the computer and start all over again. Emails to read and answer. Pending tasks and projects haven’t gone away and are still waiting for you. You close your eyes and remember that only yesterday you were enjoying the beach.

Returning to the routine

The feeling can overwhelm anyone. The return to the routine is particularly arduous and is also known as the post-holiday syndrome, a transient situation that manifests itself with symptoms such as fatigue, drowsiness, muscle aches, lack of concentration in the first days of returning to work.


Post-holiday syndrome

In general, there are few people who return to work with energy and a desire to resume the daily workday. When these symptoms occur, it is often said that they are victims of post-holiday syndrome, which mostly affects young adults between 25 and 40 years old.

Although post-holiday syndrome is not recognised by international health authorities, it is generally accepted that returning to work after the holidays is a difficult period. However, ESHA Spain offers your 10 tips to make the transition from holiday to work a success and less traumatic.

  1. Avoid a hard landing

Returning to work immediately after your vacation ends is often a common idea among those who want to make the most of the summer period. However, it is not recommended for the return to working life.

Plan to return home at least ¬†¬†a day before you return to work. You’ll have time to ¬†catch up on sleep ¬†and¬† physically replenish yourself from a long ¬†trip, to ¬†unpack ¬†and ¬†tidy ¬†up your ¬†luggage, ¬†organize household ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†chores,¬† ¬†¬†and ¬†even ¬†do ¬†some shopping to face the first week at home.

2. Organize  your first day

Take some time ¬†the day before thinking ¬†about ¬†the ¬†things you’ll need to do ¬†at ¬†your ¬†¬†job. Sort ¬†out your thoughts and ¬†put together ¬†a ¬†list ¬†of¬† unresolved¬†¬† issues before you even get ¬†to the ¬†¬†office. That ¬†contributes ¬†to ¬†feeling ¬†more ¬†prepared ¬†¬†and ¬†organized ¬†¬†when ¬†¬†you arrive ¬†at ¬†your ¬†¬†workplace.

3. Arrive  earlier    at the  office

For those coming back from holiday it may seem   crazy, but it’s worth it. In addition to having the time factor on your side, you can avoid the crowds during rush hour making sure you get in with plenty of time.

Another benefit of getting up early is getting to the office before others  and  rejoining    a  more  relaxed  and  tranquil environment, which  will allow you  to put  things  in  order  and  even  have a relaxed coffee while you get back in contact with your workspace.

4. Prioritize  your  tasks  at    work

Based on the list ¬†you’ve¬† ¬†previously thought about, ¬†¬†¬†plan ¬†what ¬†and ¬†how ¬†you’re going ¬†to ¬†execute ¬†your ¬†tasks ¬†on ¬†your first day of ¬†work. Organize ¬†everything ¬†¬†in order ¬†of ¬†priority. If there is unfinished business that wasn‚Äôt finished before ¬†you went on holiday, it‚Äôs a good idea to start with that. Meaning that you will not be continually catching up.

It is  advisable to start with the  small  things  first and, as far as     possible, avoid scheduling  meetings  and taking on  new  issues immediately. That  will let  you gradually pick up  pace, allowing you to avoid  feeling  overwhelmed  on  your first days.

5. Organize  your  emails   wisely

Replying to all emails at  once is an  excellent proposal. However, it is unlikely you will achieve this due to all the things you will have pending.
Prioritise those that require  an  immediate response  and eliminate all spam messages, which will leave your inbox looking a bit more manageable.


6. Set  short  breaks  in  your  schedule

You will not be able to complete everything in one day, so work methodically allowing yourself short breaks.

7. Making contact with your work colleagues

The first  few days  after  the  holidays  are ideal for catching up with workmates and sharing summer experiences. It’s a good opportunity to find out if there have been any major changes while you were away.

Without taking time   away from productive hours, think about having lunch  with  colleagues  or  organizing  a short  outing  after  the day.   In addition   to making  the  return  to  your  functions   lighter, it generates a  positive atmosphere  in  the  office.

8. Fresh set of eyes

Returning from holiday is an  excellent  opportunity to get a different perspective on problems. A fresh set of eyes may allow you to find a creative solution to a pending problem or issue.

9. Set  new  goals

If during  the  holidays you were thinking about    new  challenges    and  goals, the  return  to  work is an  excellent  time  to  take  the first step. When  you return  to  work,  you can  take advantage of your new energy  to  find  the  motivation  you  need  to  do  a  course  or  other  type  of  specialization  that  you have proposed.

10. Dedicate  time  to  leisure

Find a work leisure balance that suits you. Practice  a  sport,  organize  social  gatherings  with  your friends or  just  stay  at  home  enjoying  a  good  book  or  your  favorite series.  You can  also  start   thinking about    your  new  trip  and  already  schedule  your  vacation  and  work  towards    achieving  that  goal.

Following these  tips will allow  you to face  the  return  to the  work routine  with  better    disposition, greater  empowerment  of  your  time  and  organization  to  execute  the  tasks  your work demands.

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