Sarah Somian Nutritionist and Health Coach
ESHA Individual Member

Sarah Somian is an English speaking nutritionist and health coach who works at Sinews MTI with adult clients looking to improve their eating habits and address their health concerns from a holistic and natural point of view.


She specializes in natural weight management, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and dysfunctional eating behaviours/patterns. Though her core approach to health and healing remains the same with all of her clients, Sarah believes in bio-individuality. Thus her protocols and recommendations are individualized and based on her client’s most urgent needs and past health history.


Her main goal is to empower each and every single one of her clients and to help them not only reach vibrant health, but also maintain it long-term.


Lastly, though she mainly works in English, Sarah’s mother tongue is French so she happily accommodates her French-speaking clients whenever necessary

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