Elia Gimenez | Online Coach, Counsellor & EMDR Practitioner
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Hi! My name is Elia, I am a Psychologist, Coach and owner of Out of the Box, a space designed to help people shine and heal. I believe that, when you see your problems as puzzles to be solved, a solution can always be found.

As a certified EMDR Practitioner and TSR Trainer, I am a specialist in helping you turn your painful experiences into sources of resilience and self-confidence. CBT and Clinical Hypnosis are some of my go-to tools for creating habits that make you feel healthy and good with yourself. Finally, my training in Systemic and Brief Strategic Therapies can help you build healthier relationships with people around you.

My services can be booked directly on my website, www.flyoutofthebox.com, and are delivered fully online, so you can enjoy the process of improving your life from the comfort of your home or office. I have different packages available, however, each session is tailored to your needs and your personality to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The fact that you have been carrying your burdens for a very long time, does not mean that they are part of who you are, or that they should define your future. Let’s look for an answer together!

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