Dr Sarah Quinley, Counsellor and Psychotherapist for Individuals, Couples, and Students
ESHA Individual Member (Monthly)

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a Doctor of Counselling and Psychotherapy and an experienced, COSCA qualified therapist. I have both personal and clinical experience working with issues around the non-native/expat/immigrant experience. I maintain a full practice supporting adults, couples, and international students presenting a wide range of issues through teletherapy. As your therapist, I’m here to create a warm and safe environment for you to express whatever is going on for you and, at all times, to listen and engage with you in a caring and respectful way.

I work with people to address their presenting issues as well as develop insight into what underlies them so that we can co-create lasting change. I offer short-term and long-term therapy and open-ended or time-limited contracts.  It all depends on your concerns and needs. I have a wealth of experience working with issues around anxiety, depression, self-esteem/self-confidence, family/relationship issues, complex trauma, and PTSD, loss/bereavement, abuse (emotional, physical, sexual), addiction issues, food/exercise issues, and work and academic-related stress.

I see therapy as a process where we work collaboratively toward welcoming the feelings, thoughts, and parts of yourself that have previously been unwelcome. When we can welcome a fuller sense of our experience into our awareness, we can then uncover and work with our feelings, gaining access to a rich, new understanding of how we show up in the world and how to care for ourselves in a way that best supports us in living lives that are as full and vibrant as possible, while minimizing the impact of stress, anxiety and other taxing experiences. This means we get to be in deeper, more fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others and show up for our lives in more creative, confident, engaged, and motivated ways. As an empathic and honest guide, I partner with you to explore what it’s been like for you on a deep level, supporting you as you discover what has been lost, silenced, or neglected so that you can reclaim a more present and whole sense of yourself.

My practice is rooted in an assimilative and relational style. My approach is ‘assimilative’ meaning that it is grounded in insight-based, psychodynamic and person-centred theories, and I personalise my approach with each client by drawing from other schools of thought as well. I hold the therapeutic relationship as the central vehicle for change and use theory to understand what you need and tailor my approach to that understanding. I continuously evolve my approach to your changing needs and as I get a fuller understanding of you.

During our time together, you can gain clarity about what you want in life, rather than what you think you’re supposed to want. You can form healthier thought patterns and identify practices that support you in your growth. You can find more presence and meaning in life, and experience more openness to possibility. If this sounds like what you’re looking for,  please get in touch to book a 15-minute chat (free of charge) to gauge whether we might be a good fit.

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