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At Centro Fernandez-Velazquez, we have provided the best  eyecare services for many years in madrid  for the English-speaking community. We cultivate a comfortable and friendly environment where you can build a positive relationship with an optometrist who cares.Our location makes our office incredibly convenient for those in Central Madrid. When you first visit our office, we will assess your eyes to determine the best methods of correcting your vision and managing any eye health conditions you may have.

We offer:

Comprehensive eyecare

We recommend annual eye exams for most patients. However, certain conditions require you to visit our eye doctor more frequently. During an eye exam, our optometrist will test your visual acuity and assess your eyes’ physical condition to ensure they are healthy. Corrective measures will be recommended to suit your medical needs and lifestyle.

Vision Testing & Eyeglasses

One of the biggest reasons people undergo vision testing is to determine if their prescription has changed. If your prescription has changed, our staff will help you select a new pair of glasses. There are many frame and lens coating options for you to choose from.

Contact Lens Exams

Contact lens exams differ slightly from comprehensive eye exams because they require a few additional steps. You can often add a contact lens exam to a regular eye health and vision test to ensure you get your new prescription when needed.


If you have been looking for an alternative to LASIK surgery, you might consider Ortho-K lenses. You can wear Ortho-K lenses at night, during which time they reshape your cornea. The next day, you will not need to wear glasses or contacts to see clearly.

Pre- and Post-LASIK Surgery Care

Laser eye surgery can improve your vision to the point where you no longer need to wear glasses or contacts. Our eye doctor will evaluate your eyes to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. After surgery, we can help ensure that you are recovering properly and that you have access to resources to prevent infection and other complications.

Medical Eyecare

We treat conditions like pink eye, infections, and dry eyes. We also diagnose various eye diseases so that you get quick treatment. Retinal photography and visual field testing will help us with early disease detection.

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